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2020 UNDP Funding


Child Protection ActivitiesChild Rights Governance ActivitiesConflict mitigation and Peace Building Activities



South Sudan




6 Months

2020 UNDP Funding

  • Successful establishment of six (6) GBV Help Desks at 6 identified Police stations , 3 in Aweil East and 3 in Aweil North
  • Thirty (30) women Volunteers and six (6 male) Help Desks focal persons have been trained on how to identify, report and refer GBV cases to relevant Service Providers
  • Distribution of COVID-19 prevention assorted items & materials e.g. (hand washing soaps, banners with messages, posters etc.) to the community in which the Help desks had been established and other institutions e.g. local and high Courts, laws enforcement centers (prison, police) etc.
  • 4000 (2000M,¬† 2000F) had been reached with radio talk-shows on women and Child rights, human rights and other GBV issues
  • 80 (70M, 10F) law enforcers have been trained¬† on GBV prevention and response
  • A 110 GBV cases had so far been addressed (22M,¬† 88F) from April-Oct.2020, eight (8) rape cases of underage girls and hundred and two (102) other GBV related cases
  • 20 women leaders, 10 in Aweil East and 10 in Aweil North had been selected and trained on how to handle GBV issues in the community

Adult Literacy Program


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