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CRG NORAD achievement 2016


CRG NORAD achievement 2016



  • 17 children (10 f &7m) trained on how to present budget petition to parliament in case there is no proper budget allocation to address the issues concerning children in the state
  • The members of state parliamentarian lobby group committee were trained on how to conduct budget hearing with the aim to support budget allocation to children and pass the policies favoring children
  • ACDF Conducted dissemination training on child Act 2008 attended by 22 participants (7f & 15m) from different stakeholders include: chief, local government official, law enforcement agent, Women group and child rights club members have been trained.
  • 28 participants (19m & 09f) were trained in capacity strengthening on ratified instruments and investment in children. The participants were invited from the Local government, law enforcement agents, chief, staff from line ministries and child rights club members
  • Supported child led activities organized by 16 children (7m & 9f) to engage state and parliaments on children’s issues such as violation of child right and early child marriage.
  • Radio talk-show was held to disseminate child rights and protection that was estimated to reach over 10,000 listeners.

CRG DANIDA funding achievement 2016


TV girl education achievement 2016