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Education ActivitiesLOGOSEED project 2016

28 trainings were conducted in the two counties of former Northern Bhar El Ghazal 6 trainings were conducted in Aweil North County and 22 trainings were conducted in Aweil East County

The training started 7th July and ended on 12th September, 2016

In this training, the views of participants were:

  • They said, they are happy with the training because of the knowledge they have gained and it will make them, to be self-accountable to their local community since there selected by their community members
  • They will take forward interest needs and interests to their local government representatives at the Boma level
  • Participants promised to work for the benefit and interests of their communities
  • They will act as an eye to community development need
  • Participants said, as selected by the community to represent them, they will be charged responsible for evaluating and monitoring the project progress within their communities
  • The participants said they will create communication mechanism where all the stakeholders will be updated on the achievement and challenges encounter by BDC leadership and members in execution of the project and Boma action plan.
  • Participants said they are happy with the way the training is facilitated to the Boma development committee shown them on how to work with community throughout its implementation period.


Food security and livelihood project 2016 funding by Dutch government through Spark

Target groups Activity Number of beneficiaries reached Date and period of the activities
Farmer associations Groundnuts technical training 28 (7 female and 21 male 18-22April 2016
Counties markets in NBGs Market assessment 64 8-9 September 2015
Women groups Farming as a business training 30 female 29-30 September 2015
farmers associations Training on  Ground-nuts agronomic and post- harvest practice handling 30  16 male & 14 female 09/10/ 2015
Women group Farming as business training 30 29-30 September 2016
Women groups Small loan management training 60 female 20 June 2016
IDP  and Returnees youth Youth innovation session 75 (30 f & 45 male 20 July 2016
Returnees and IDP youth Trained on work ethic and some agronomic skills 203 ( 138 men and 65 women 13-15 of September 2016

Primary School Leadership Project


Adult Literacy Program